Applications - SLAP Interface via the VAO

One of the deliverables from NRAO based on several meetings with the astronomical community is that Splatalogue should be Virtual Observatory (ie, VO) compliant. As such, we have developed the appropriate interface following the standard IVOA spectral line access protocols, i.e. the IVOA standard SLAP protocol.

Our colleague Ray Plante (NCSA and the University of Illinois) from the IVOA has been working with the NRAO on this application to make it as general as possible so that any catalog that has the same database format as Splatalogue can easily implement. We like to call it a "plug-and-play" VO application. This work has been finished and is publically available off a VO site. Check out There you can grab a tarball to configure and install the SLAP service for a Splatalogue like database. The README.txt provides instructions for installation. Also, when one creates a compiled java program, a JAR (Java Archive) file is created that you can run at the command prompt. The WAR (web application archive) file is designed (not surprisingly) to be run off the web. Any other details should be transparent.

Finally, the database can also accessed via a simple web service. We have provided an example form for this along with some sample IDL code.

The first link is the form. The second link is a download website that provides the examples.

These are only examples of what can be done accessing a SLAP server. For the GBT, for example, who extensively use IDL as their data reduction software, they can implement what Brian wrote to access line ids, etc...

If there are any further questions or help that NRAO can provide installing the service or deploying it, please let us know by mailing splatalogue AT nrao DOT edu.